Pole Building Gallery

Below are just a few of our finished builds. We take pride in the work we do because we know it produces quality, long lasting, beautiful buildings. We design them to our customers needs. If you scroll down you can see some of our latest builds and what our customers will be using them for. 

Wapiti's Latest Projects

Scroll through the pictures below to see the progress from start to finish and the finished barns!

The Perfect Barn

A sleek home for your four-legged companions. 

The Fairway

The Size: 2,332 Square Feet

The Timing: It took 3 weeks to complete this building.

The Story: This multi-functional space is designed to store a full-sized RV, host a golf simulator in the loft, and have an enclosed living area. Additionally, there is covered parking outside for his trailer. 

The Chef's Retreat

The Size: 3,360 Square Feet

The Timing: It took 4 days to excavate and build the pad. It took 2 weeks to complete the building. 

The Story: This pole barn was designed for a local restaurant owner. He will use half of the building for storage and family gatherings, the other half has an open dirt arena to exercise his horse in the winter. 

The Car SHop

The Size: 1,296 Square Feet

The Story: What was an ancient garage was torn down to make way for this new building. The owner will use it to install a car lift to work on his hobby projects.  

The Poppins

The Size: 1,400 Square Feet with a Covered Carport

The Timing: This took about two weeks to build.

The Story: Named after the Famous Purse – this building has it all in a small footprint. This new building will house a multipurpose shop, living quarters and covered parking. In the first few pictures, you can see it is snowing on the days we installed the roof trusses. That is one of the great things about Pole Barns – they can be built even in bad weather!

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