What is a Pole Barn?

Pole Barns offer an affordable option for those looking to add a new building for work or home.
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Pole Barns (also known as pole buildings, post barns, post-frame construction, and post frame buildings) get their name from the building technique that is used to create them.

Pole Building Construction starts with specially engineered wooden posts (or poles)  buried deep in the ground. Buried posts naturally provide excellent support, so they support the weight of the home without the need of an expensive foundation.

Put simply, traditional buildings are supported by a foundation, pole barns are supported by the poles buried in the ground. This eliminates the cost, labor, and time of pouring a new foundation while providing a sturdy, affordable building that can be used for anything from a pole barn garage to houses to horse barns.

Anatomy of a Pole Building

Click on the circles over the picture to discover the different parts of a pole building. 

  • Treated Posts
  • Girts
  • Roof Truss
  • Metal Sheeting
  • Corner Trim
  • Door Trim
  • Barge Trim
  • Wainscoting

Roof Truss

Metal Sheeting

Treated Posts


Door Trim

Corner Trim

Barge Trim


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